Thursday, March 20, 2008

a Movie without an Ending

First of all, let's give a big welcome to Joanne Kang!  Hailing from North Pole, AK, Joanne has just joined 1st period.  Here are the instructions to set up your own blog, Joanne.

Due to the exodus of students tomorrow to the college fair, we will move the Phillips timed write redux to Monday.  That means you should have your annotated 1st drafts done by Monday, not tomorrow (unless you read this on Sunday).  

Instead, your homework for tonight is to read Popular Culture in the Aftermath of Sept. 11 Is a Chorus without a Hook, a Movie without an Ending, beginning on page 751 in you textbook.  We will be working with this essay in class tomorrow.  Those of you who will be gone, look over the questions at the end of the piece and develop brilliant, nuanced responses to them in case your classmates choose to quiz you when you return.  No need to blog the answers to these questions.

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