Monday, March 3, 2008

Graff Paper

Your homework is as follows:

  • Finish the Graff template paragraphs for the Prose article

  • Read Sherman Alexie's Superman and Me on page 110 and blog questions 1-8

In class tomorrow we will hear from our first three issue presenters, discuss your Graff paragraphs on Prose, discuss the Alexie essay, and start a Graff template response to Alexie's essay.  Homework will be to finish the Graff template on Alexie and to read the Talbot essay on p. 113 and blog questions 1-8.

I need blog addresses from Anna and Nick.


  1. So i got home tonight and noticed something in my binder. It was the Q's that we went over today, and because my blog is all weirded out i have them all written by hand. Is it okay if i still turn them in tomorrow or am i going to get marked off a lot because i forgot to put them in the basket?

  2. I'll likely only deduct 10,000 points or so. Turn them in tomorrow. What's going on with your blog?

  3. 1. The effect of the saying is showing that he grew up in poor family never knowing if they would have the next meal.
    2. The stereotype that the narrator talks about Indian men is that they are not educated and they do not care about learning and in the story his father is an avid reader and tons of books.
    3. When he said a fence he was referring to the paragraphs saying that these paragraphs are contained by an essay as a dog would be contained by a fence.
    4. When he describes "an Indian boy" he is talking in third person.
    5. He is trying to emphasize on how many books he read.
    6. The two sections are separated in the essay because he wants to give the reader some background information and then get his point across. This suits Alexie's overall purpose well because he is trying to excite Indian boys about reading

  4. Jeremy, why are you posting your work in comments on my site and not on your own? That's not going to show up in the RSS feeds and it's not my intention to have to play "guess where my homework is". If your blog isn't working, you need to come see me and we can take a look at it. Otherwise, use your own blog to post assignments. I'm not going to hunt stuff down and likely by the time I grade these tomorrow afternoon, I will have forgotten you hid it in comments and will probably count it as missing.

  5. well i think i may have done the wrong homework... i saw questions 1-8 and the alexie reading and the reading on p 113 are the the 1-8 questions for the p113 or the alexie hoping the alexie reading seeing how i just spent 45min doing them!?!?! AHHHH

  6. Sammy,
    Tonight you do the Alexie reading and the questions that go with it.
    I put tomorrow's stuff up there for Arial as she won't be here tomorrow and asked me for some info. So tomorrow we're reading Talbot and doing the questions that go with that, coincidentally also 1-8.
    After reading your post, I'm not sure what you actually did, but I hope you read Alexie and did the questions that went with his essay as that seems like it would make more sense than to read Alexie and do the questions that go with the Talbot essay.

    This is my last post for the evening. I'm signing off. I still can't believe Jeremy posted his assignment here. If you're looking for help, please do yourself a favor and don't rely on it.

  7. haha nevermind im silly i read the assignement again ok i can stop freakin ( i called beacon (hahaha yea commericals!)) anyway lol its almost my bed time a growing kids needs there full nine hours of sleep lol better go drink up a large glass of warm milk to aid the sleeping lol enough about me rambling on about me sleeping..... im strang oh well!

  8. Wow! I did the wrong assignment and it's past 9. I will probubly be asleep in class tomarow. Well, I should get started.

  9. Giddings,

    Do I just e-mail you my blog address?

  10. Yes, Anna, email the blog address. Did I make this post too confusing? Two of you had problems. Homework in bullets and then "In class tomorrow..." I *thought* I was being clear. Oh well.

  11. Like we talked about in class, you remember the last thing you read.

  12. LOL. Even so, I bet if I gave "tomorrow's" homework first and "tonight's" homework second, I'd get even more people confused, even if each was clearly labeled.