Friday, March 7, 2008

Meta-cognition Essay

Using the Golding essay Thinking as a Hobby as a starting point, write an essay examining your own thinking at the current time.  Unlike Golding, do not seek to trace your thinking over time, but deeply examine the state of your thinking now.  Analyze how you deal with pressure, stress, difficult intellectual problems, writing, etc. in order to get at how you think.  You do not need to use Golding's classifications, though you may if you find them helpful.  Word Count: 750-1200

Before you begin to write, you may find it helpful to do a proposed overall arrangement (of course you can use multiple arrangements if needed)

Points: 30 (Papers category)

Grading will focus holistically on the following elements:

  • Depth of analysis

  • Organization

  • Sentence structure

  • Diction/Voice

  • Conventions

Rough draft: not required, but highly recommended for 3/10

Final draft due: Blogged on 3/12  (Nick, click here for instructions on getting a blog)

AP TEST -- Looming Deadline!

If you haven't voted yet to let me know if you're taking the test, PLEASE do so.  We have 19 people that have responded and there are 38 in both classes.  Tests need to be ordered.  Remember that a $15 deposit needs to go to the bookkeeper by March 20th.


  1. Can we use first person in this essay?

  2. Yes. This is an analytical essay, but you are analyzing yourself, so you will need to use 1st person. The pitfall to avoid is turning it into a personal reflection in tone. It should still sound like an analytical essay.