Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easing into Synthesis

  1. Read pages 69-74 in your books tonight. 

  2. Also, looking at the types of support section that begins on page 62, I'd like you to blog examples of two types of support.  Comb the newspaper, slate.com, etc for examples of the different types of support noted in our text.  Post two examples that you find, citing where you found each one.  For each example, explain what type of source use it is and how the source is being used in the text and to what effect.

Among other things in class tomorrow, we will do the assignment in the book that runs from page 66-68.  This is important, as we said in class, because the AP test will have some questions concerning the meaning and use of footnotes and I'd like you to think about them.


  1. alright so i get all the types of support but i dont really uderstand what we are supposed to get from the articles that relate to our text? hmmmm confused slightly sorry :/

  2. You're supposed to look for the types of support illustrated in our text, but out in the "real world". So, one type is an anecdote. Look for a text that uses an anecdote for support, cite it, tell how it is being used in the text, and explain what effect it has in the text.

    Does that make a little better sense?

  3. sure does :)
    sometimes i just need a little boost


  4. so we go on this website and we just find anything?

  5. You can go anywhere. Any news/features site would be good. Slate.com is a good one because they have features, which are sometimes harder to find than straight news. www.nytimes.com, www.seattletimes.com, etc would also work fine.